Munn Originals was established in 1999 in Yap, Micronesia. It is the result of one man's love of wood sculpting. 

I was a chef at the time and discovered that creating in wood was a wonderful stress release. My first "studio" was a humble affair consisting of a tarpaulin over a work table and a few tools. For years I collected carvings of sharks, manta rays, small statues and masks from around the world. After many years of thinking about carving something myself, I finally gave it a try. My first attempt at carving anything that wasn't edible was a trio of sharks which sold at the local gallery and requests were made for more. Being an avid scuba diver, and living in a place that draws scuba enthusiasts, sea life was the inspiration for my sculpting. I sold my manta rays, sharks, and dolphins at the local gallery and Manta Ray Bay Hotel, where I worked as the chef/food and beverage manager. Guests began to commission various works and the demand slowly grew. 
I carved my first face, a bust of Bob Marley. It looked a lot like him and encouraged me to do more, and I have since had success with wall-mounted faces.
This continued after a relocation to Palau, Micronesia. My new studio had a proper roof and more tools, but was only used part-time because I was still cooking for a living. My website, munnoriginals.com, was established while in Palau. I was fortunate to receive many commissioned orders through the site. It went offline in 2005 due to a move to St. Lucia. I worked as a chef for another nine years  with Windjammer Landing. I had no place to set up my studio, until 2015.
After more than 30 years as a chef, my dream of becoming a full-time artist was realised. 
The burning desire to create in wood  that was suppressed for 10 years now has an outlet. An excellent meal soon becomes a memory, but a work of art  is enjoyed for a lifetime.
My work is shown and sold on consignment in five star hotels and resorts in St. Lucia. 
Please feel free to email me with any questions or requests.
Kind regards, 
Bill Munn

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